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Alaska Cruises and Cruisetours

A cruise is an outstanding way to experience all Alaska has to offer--the teeming wildlife, the incomparable scenery, and the rich native and Russian culture.

Many cruise lines offer trips to Alaska. The most popular itineraries cruise for seven nights either northbound (from Vancouver to Seward) or southbound (from Seward to Vancouver). Another, frequently less-expensive, alternative, is a roundtrip Inside Passage cruise from Vancouver. Seward is the actual port of call used for Anchorage, which requires about a two-and-a-half hour scenic motor coach transfer from the city or the airport.

Having made the journey to Alaska, most visitors choose to add on a 3+ night tour from Anchorage. One of the most popular itineraries includes a night each in Anchorage, at Denali National Park, and in Fairbanks, with transportation primarily by double-decker luxury sightseeing trains. Prime wildlife viewing can be found at Denali on 3- or 7-hour wildlife search tours offered by the National Park Service. Fairbanks is home to the Alaska Pipeline and several gold mines, where you get to try your luck gold panning! You can add one of these 3+ night cruisetour adventures to just about every 7-night cruise that either starts or ends in Anchorage (Seward)--just ask us about it!

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Why would YOU like to visit Alaska?

To see wildlife in its natural habitat?

You'll have the chance to see moose, bears, Dall Sheep, caribou, wolves, and more. Denali National Park provides prime viewing. Cruise in late summer/early fall and you may even have the chance to witness the spectacle of thousands of salmon fighting their way upstream to spawn.

More information about Denali National Park.

Wildlife in Alaska
Glacier Bay National Park Alaska

To witness the thunderous calving of glaciers?

Glaciers slowly move down mountain valleys to the sea. Trips including Glacier Bay frequently feature the very-active Margerie Glacier

More information about Glacier Bay National Park.

To learn about the customs of native Alaskans?

Many Alaskan ports of call offer a variety of totem poles, like this fine specimen in Juneau. They could tell a story, commemorate a potlatch (celebration), or even ridicule someone who had done something shameful, like fail to pay a debt! In this last case, once the shameful deed had been atoned for (e.g., the debt paid), the ridicule pole would be removed and burned in a ceremony.

More information about Totem Bight State Park.

Alaska Totem Pole
Alaska Luxury Cruisetour Rail

To enjoy travel via luxury sightseeing train?

Many passengers choose to add on a 3+ day excursion to Denali National Park, Fairbanks, and beyond, which may include rail travel between Anchorage, Denali and Fairbanks. The view out of the domed windows is amazing. You're a good 15 feet off the ground so you can see over many  trees, and the landscape varies from marshy (with lots of water fowl) to mountainous (with a small chance to catch glimpses of Mt. McKinley--Denali or "The Great One" to the native population).

To see Mt. McKinley?

Most visitors don't get a chance to glimpse Mt. McKinley. You need to take a cruisetour from Anchorage to have the chance, and even then, only about 20% of visitors are lucky enough to see Denali itself through the clouds and mist. Keep your eyes open! It's so large that the mountain forms its own weather systems. This view, to give you a sense of scale, is from about sixty miles away!

More information about Denali National Park.

Denali -- The Great One

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