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Would you like to easily add this attractive, powerful cruise search capability to your site? And offer your visitors the capability of browsing through cruise itineraries, sailing dates and specials? How about if your visitors were pointed right back to your site again after their search? Best of all, what about getting all this for free?

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Well have we got a win-win proposition for you. We want to generate as much traffic and as many cruise bookings as possible. So we offer quality non-competitive sites the ability to place our search box on your Web site. Acceptance into this Linking Partner program is solely at our discretion.

When someone executes a search or clicks on any of the links in the box, they will be referred to our site to see the results. BUT for the duration of that user's session our Web site will display a prominent "Return to [Your Web Site Name Here]" link at the top of each page. So the user can easily navigate back to your site again! The user must have cookies enabled, as the vast majority do, for this to work. 

In the future, we'll be adding more linking options. When you sign up for the program now, we'll keep you up-to-date via email on new features and options.

What do you need? You need to be able to edit an HTML page on your Web server to add in our HTML code. That's it. The HTML code will run on any Web server. We are not able to offer help or advice on how to accomplish this, however, so be sure that you have the necessary expertise or have a friend who does! You must agree not to hold us responsible for any problems you encounter adding our HTML to your site.

Interested? To register, send an email to partners@surecruise.com with the following information:

  1. Your name and telephone number
  2. The URL(s) on your Web site where you'd like to place our search box.
  3. The URL to which you would like your visitors returned via our "return link" and a very short text tag with the name of your Web site (our return link will read "Return to [Short Text Tag]" and link to the URL)
  4. A brief description of your goals for your Web site so we can be sure there's a good mutual fit
  5. Be aware that linking to our site and/or participating in our Linking Partner program indicates your acceptance of our User Agreement

Once we receive your email and approve your application, then we will email you back your Linking Partner number. All you need to do it plug your partner number into the following form to generate the HTML code to paste into a Web page at your site. It's that easy!

Type YES here (upper case only) >< to signify that you have reviewed and agree to abide by our Web site's User Agreement, then enter your 02Cruise.com Linking Partner number and press the button!


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