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Thank you for your interest in becoming an 02Cruise.com Linking Partner! Not only are we one of the leading cruise Web sites, we also have unique capabilities to offer to those who would like to link to us:

  1. Display current pricing on your Web site--with plain HTML! You can display plain HTML including current cruise pricing that will update daily, automatically, through the use of graphical digits that we update. Learn how here. You can use graphical IAB-size-compliant graphics, or plain text. A plain text example looks like this:
            Bermuda cruises at 02Cruise.com from US$ Bermuda CruisesBermuda CruisesBermuda CruisesBermuda Cruises pp. 
  2. Display a cruise search box on your Web site--with plain HTML! Your Web site visitors will appreciate being able to search for cruises from your Web site, and in conjunction with our Return Ticket program, these visitors can easily return to your site when they're done!
  3. Static links. More traditionally, we also offer you the usual types of animated graphics in IAB-compatible formats with which to link to us, examples below.
  4. Reciprocal link. If your site offers extremely high quality, unique content of direct interest to cruise passengers, we may link to you from our Web site, provided that you have linked to us already. Just send an email to partners@surecruise.com with your name, phone number, and the URL where we can find a link to us.
  5. Return Ticket. So you don't lose visitors that you refer to us through a link, qualified Web sites can participate in our Return Ticket program, where we will include a link at the top of virtually all pages of our Web site BACK to your Web site! This program is explained on the rest of this page.
Be aware that linking to our site and/or participating in our Return Ticket program indicates your acceptance of our User Agreement

Once approved to our Return Ticket program, when you refer a visitor to us from your Web site, we will automatically include a prominent link at the top of each of our Web pages directing them back to your site as illustrated below. So just because you send someone over to us to view cruise information doesn't mean you've lost the visitor. This offer is available to quality non-competitive sites, and acceptance into this Return Ticket program is solely at our discretion.

Note the  "Return Link" to Your Web Site at the Top of the Page

You won't be surprised to learn that our return links back to your site require the user to have cookies enabled, as the vast majority do, and then they will be displayed for the duration of the user's session.

Interested? To register, send an email to partners@surecruise.com with the following information:

  1. Your name and telephone number
  2. The URL(s) on your Web site where you'd like to place our search box.
  3. The URL to which you would like your visitors returned via our "return link" and a very short text tag with the name of your Web site (our return link will read "Return to [Short Text Tag]" and link to the URL)
  4. A brief description of your goals for your Web site so we can be sure there's a good mutual fit

Once we receive and approve your application, we'll email you back with your Return Ticket partner number. Say your partner number is 9999, then all you need to do is add ?Partner=9999 to the end of any link to our site, and we will automatically include your return link on each of our pages! For example, if you wanted to link to our home page at http://www.02cruise.com you would link instead to http://www.02cruise.com/?partner=9999. That's it! And this partner number also works with our advanced cruise search you can add to your Web site as well.

Once you have your partner number, we know you'll be anxious to get started. Links that may be of immediate interest to you, in addition to our home page, are:

Or feel free to use on of our animated graphical links:


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02Cruise.com Cruise Experts

02Cruise.com Cruise Experts

Questions? Write to us at partners@surecruise.com.

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